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      Legal or not legal? That's the question

      A lot of you may be celebrating the Fourth of July holiday cooking or spending time with family and friends, and maybe also shooting fireworks, but do you know what's legal and not legal?

      In the state of Georgia, anything that leaves the ground and becomes airborne is considered illegal.

      The law states that if you are caught with illegal fireworks you can be punished by a maximum fine of up to one thousand dollars, and up to a year in jail.

      Fireworks that are banned in Georgia include fire crackers, bottle rockets, roman candles, sparklers with more than 100 grams, and torpedoes.

      Major Keith Houston with the Lee County Sheriff's Department says, "as far as the safety part of it there are some where you have to really watch were you shoot them were you're able to shoot them and so forth, causing fire and body injuries."

      He adds that when using fireworks, safety should always come first.

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