Legal drugs can quickly turn illegal

Prescription drugs are a problem in Dougherty County. / FOX 31

When used properly, prescription drugs can help treat multiple conditions, but it's the abuse of these drugs that's becoming one of the Albany-Dougherty Drug Unit's biggest problems.

"Every time we turn around prescription drugs are being involved in other drug deals, from the cocaine, the marijuana, the spice, the bath salts, it is a huge problem" said Major Bill Berry of the drug unit.

Drug dealers utilize a technique known as doctor shopping or pharmacy shopping to obtain pills.

This is when people try to seek narcotic medications illegally by going to different doctors who aren't aware that they are being treated by other doctors. After obtaining multiple prescriptions they take them to different pharmacies to fill them. They then sell the pills which is a felony.

Perhaps a bigger concern caused by this drug trend is the effect on the users.

Miss use of these drugs can cause physical dependence, addiction, impaired thinking and judgment, and accidental over dosages.

The illegal use of prescription also drugs also makes it harder for people who need the drug to obtain it.

If you have medication of any kind that you want to get rid of you can do so at operation pill drop which will be taking place behind the civic center September 15th from 9-1pm.