Leesburg group runs from the couch to a 5K finish line

First Baptist Church members run for God. / Jessica Fairley

One southwest Georgia group has taken the challenge to go from the couch to running a 5K by June.

Three weeks ago members of First Baptist Church in Leesburg started out running about 60 seconds at the time. Every week they've added more time and distance to the run.

The group of beginners plans to go from the couch to running the 5K or 3.1 miles in just few months, but they're not doing it alone. They're using the time to Run for God'.

The 'Run for God" daily devotion book teaches people how to use jogging to strengthen their spiritual life.

Brook Smith, the minister over the program, says after she started running as a hobby, this idea just fell in her lap and with her family's support she's been able to keep going.

The group started out with about 70 people and they still have about 60.

Although Smith can run a 5K, she's using the challenge as a way to inspire and motivate others.

"There are some people in our group who may not be able to run the whole thing and that's okay but for some people it will be hard for them to walk the three miles," said Brooke Smith.

She says with God's help they'll keep going until they make it to the finish line.

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