Lee garbage appeal thrown out by Supreme Court

Filled trash bin in Lee County. / Jessica Fairley

Now that the Lee County Board of Commissioners has rescinded the garbage tax bill proposal, the Georgia Supreme Court is calling an appeal against the ordinance moot.

A year ago the Lee County tax commissioner made an appeal to the Georgia Supreme Court after disagreeing with a Lee County Supreme Court decision to make it legal to have a garbage tax.

Because of public outcry, the board did away with the proposal, leaving the appeal hanging in the air.

Wednesday the Georgia Supreme Court made a decision to make no decision.

"Since the Lee County Board of Commissioners has decided to rescind the ordinance requiring the garbage bill to go on the tax rolls, they (the Supreme Court) didn't see why they should go ahead and rule on the legality of the issue.," says Lee County Administrator Tony Massey.

Massey says the Lee County Supreme Court's decision to legalize a garbage tax stands as the law.

He says Georgia's decision not to rule wasn't a bad choice, but he would rather have a decision made so this won't come up again.

Several counties in Georgia have already implemented a garbage tax.

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