Lee County women packin' heat

Women listen to instructors inside the gun safety course. / Jessica Fairley

For the third year in a row, southwest Georgia women filled up the Lee County Sheriff's Office's gun safety class.

The course opened with dozens of women interested in learning how to handle a gun.

Participants studied basic gun laws for the state of Georgia, while being taught the difference between gun types and how to use them.

Saturday morning the women will visit a firing range to actually shoot guns.

"What I'm hoping they get out of this is a little more self confidence. Not saying they don't have confidence, but give them a little more self confidence on how to handle a gun and what to do when they have to actually use it," says Lee County Sheriff Reggie Rachals.

Several classes will be held throughout the year, with the next occurring in May.

To participate in one of these women gun safety courses contact the Lee County Sheriff's Office for an application.

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