Lee County to get new elementary school

Principal Donna Ford is excited about the new school coming in 2013 / Ashley Knight

Soon, every school project, picture and poster will have to be packed up at Lee Lounty Elementary on Firetower Road.

"A new school is so exciting for the students and the parents and the community. It's going to be beautiful, it is. It's just going to be a beautiful school," says Principal Donna Ford.

A new elementary school is being planned for the corner of Lovers Lane Road and Robert B. Lee Road.

The new facility will have new features, including an open lunch room to accommodate more people for PTO meetings or school plays. It will also include more technology, like smart boards, projectors and special software that will make the boards more interactive.

"They are good at technology and when it's going on in the classroom, it's just alive. The learning is alive, the kids are involved and they're having a great time while they're learning," says Ford.

And besides, new technology isn't so new to some students who are already proficient at texting, iPads and computers.

"Well, it is second nature, in fact what we say is, 'come up here and show us how to use it'!"

With this new building you may be thinking that the elementary school is overcrowded, when in reality it's the middle school that's overcrowded. Once they move out of this building, it will house half of the 1,600 middle school students here in Lee County, since this building has actually been both a middle school and a high school in the past.

Planning and Engineering Director, Bob Alexander says they'll have water and sewer lines extended to Robert B. Lee Road for the new school, which may also pave the way for more commercial businesses.

"We do have a consultant we're working with right now, a traffic consultant to determine whether we need to upgrade that intersection with a traffic light or a left turn lane as well as whether we need to look at widening lover's lane road," says Alexander.

They plan to open the school for the 2013-2014 school year.