Lee County to employees, "Get moving!"

Albany residents shed the pounds at the gym. / Jessica Fairley

In order to cut back on the high number of health insurance claims, the Lee County Board of Commissioners is making moves to get employees healthy.

Under the new Wellness program, Lee County employees will engage in a 12 week course focusing on behavior changes to improve their health.

Participates will be coached in areas from smoking, to stress, to weight loss and exercise.

Over the course of the 12 week program employees will meet with a coach on a weekly basis.

The Wellness program is funded by the county and county officials say it will pay for itself in the long run.

"It'll return at least a dollar for every dollar we spend on that coaching program in the first year and we think years down the road it'll return two to three dollars for every dollar we spend. So we think it's a real wise investment," said Lee County Board of Commissioners Vice-Chair Rick Muggridge.

Muggridge says although the program is set for a time frame, his hope is that it becomes a part of employee culture for years to come.