Lee County tackles 'hardships' at board meeting

Lee County commissioners look over information before meeting. / Jessica Fairley

In Tuesday night's Lee County Commission meeting, officials discussed initiating a new policy for the garbage ordinance.

The board reviewed a 'hardship policy' and considered implementing a trash deposit for all new residents moving to Lee County.

The trash deposit would be a charge for a new resident's trash bin.

No decision has been made for either suggestion.

The board also acknowledged a public safety matter.

"There was a fire January 2nd and prior to the fire, the Lee County Fire Department had installed smoke detectors in their homes and basically we think the smoke detectors saved their lives," said Lee County Commission Chair Ed Duffy.

He says any county resident who needs a smoke detector can call the Lee County Fire Department at (229)759-6090 and have up to two devices supplied and installed.

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