Lee County Sheriff busts a serial burglar

12 lawnmowers were among the recovered items

The Lee County Sheriff's Office confiscated more than $30,000 worth of stolen goods from burglaries that took place over the past two months.

Sheriff's deputies gathered lawn mowers, televisions, jewelry, tools, guns, and more from 23-year-old Dustin Wellington.

The burglaries were all in Central Lee County and Sheriff Rachals says with tips from the community his office was able to catch the burglar. "I'm thankful the people of Lee County called and helped us with the investigation. It finally came to a close on Monday afternoon when I actually captured the burglary suspect. He had stolen property in the vehicle from burglaries that morning when I pulled him over" says Sheriff Rachals.

Deputies will begin cataloging all of the stolen items Friday and contacting the owners next week.