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      Lee County Schools work to finish new facilities

      Fresh coats of paint and new tiles are usually the sign of a renovated building, but while many get to enjoy the designing process, Lee County School officials are just trying to get it done at their two new facilities.

      "We're still working on the gym, some of the appliances need to be put in place at the lunchroom, but for all purpose we're just about ready," said Lee County Elementary School Principal Donna Ford.

      "We still have a lot of construction going on in the building, the cafeteria and the bathroom areas are the main areas of the building that are still under renovation," said Principal of the new Middle School East Campus, Kelli Duke.

      With the first day of school on August 9th quickly approaching and still much left to do, crews have stepped it up in order to finish up the Middle School's East Campus and brand new elementary school on time.

      "The construction crew has been working very hard and about a month ago they went to 6 days a week, twelve hours a day and that made a huge difference," said Ford.

      Superintendent Dr. Larry Walters says parents shouldn TMt worry and adds they're right on time and making progress daily.

      "Next week the fire marshal will be doing his final inspection, we hope, it'll be his final one and we should get our certificate of occupancy then and we should be okay," said Dr. Walters.

      However, while the hallways, classrooms, bathrooms and even cafeterias move closer to their goal of being finished every day, the outsides of the buildings are a different story.

      "Outside the building we have a complete sports complex that's under construction. Softball field, baseball field, football field, that kind of thing and because of all the rain, we have had great delays in that schedule," said Duke.

      The constant rain hasn't allowed crews to landscape or build the facilities needed for sports, but with elementary school teachers allowed in on Tuesday to decorate their rooms and the middle school teachers shortly after, school officials say they TMll be ready to fill the hallways with more than ladders and paintbrushes soon.