Lee County saves nearly $2.3 million on surplus equipment

Photo Credit: Rheya Spigner

Lee County is saving nearly $2.3 million on equipment from a surplus property program.

Chief Jim Wright with the Lee County Marshall's office says this program has brought the county equipment for drug, training, and emergency preparedness.

Wright says he's checking inventory daily on Defense Logistic Agency for equipment the county can use. If he finds anything he has to write out a justification to the government detailing the purpose for the equipment.

If the equipment is granted the county will go pick the equipment up. Wright says he tries to apply for items that he can retrieve in close proximity; Florida, Mississippi, Georgia etc..

County Manager Ron Raburn says it definitely saves the county a lot of money. He said, "It's only about a couple hundred dollars to go get an expensive of equipmentâ| we've gotten items from boots to bulldozers. "

Wright adds that equipment has to stay in the Marshall's office for the first year and then its dispersed according to the needs of the county. The equipment can be sent to Public Works, Sold, or sent to other departments that may need the equipment.