Lee County rezoning proposal is approved

The Lee County Westover extension project was approved by the board of commissioners Tuesday night / Colby Gallagher

It was another packed house at the Lee County Commission meeting Tuesday night where the board finally came to a decision on the Westover extension and rezoning project.

While the plan was ultimately approved, it was met by some resistance.

"I wanted the commercial but it affected so many residential homes that had been established years and years and years that I just could not in my heart bring myself to vote for it," said Commissioner Betty Johnson.

Although Johnson was the minority vote in the 3-1decision, Vice-chairman Rick Muggridge hopes people will see this move as a positive change for the community.

"I'm very optimistic that five years from now this will prove itself to be a quality development that will not adversely affect the people."

While the Westover extension from Ledo road to Fussell road has been approved, residents are hoping the project will prove to be beneficial after all.

"It was very civil, it was an education, I think, for some of us, and I think the county commissioners acted in good faith and they thought what they did was in the best interest of the county," said Lee County resident, Vincent Dubiansky.

As part of the agreement, there will be no gas stations or storage units built on the land, lights will have to face away from the residential area, and a privacy fence will extend the length of the businesses.

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