Lee County radio system and jail cameras outdated

Lee County Commission meeting. / Jessica Fairley

The Lee County Board of Commissioners is close to approving a measure to update the outdated public safety radio system.

In Tuesday night's meeting they tabled the issue until next Wednesday.

While this problem with communication is close to being solved, Lee County Sheriff's officials say they're running into another problem.

Representatives for the Sheriff's department approached the board about hiring Safe Security to update the jail's camera system.

Cameras used in the facility are in black and white and have to be recorded on VHS tapes, which officials say are hard to come by.

In addition, the unit used to record video doesn't work. So although the department authorities can live stream images, they're not capable of storing the footage for future use.

Although updating the system is an expensive measure, Lee County Commissioners say it must be done.

"It presents a public safety problem. The board made a decision to spend $45,000 on a new camera system to protect public safety and to protect especially employees of the Sheriff's department," said Lee County Board of Commission Chair Ed Duffy.

Safe security representatives say it should take about a year to complete the upgrades.

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