Lee County praise teachers and Luke Bryan

One teacher from each school named "Teacher of the Year"

The Lee County Board of Education says two things aren't growing as they have in the past.

At tonight's meeting, Superintendent Dr. Larry Walters stated that SPLOST funds and new student growth have slowed down but not completely halted. The board attributes this to the weakened economy. One area that has been growing is website usage. Website maintenance says due to high demands the complete system's web page has been revamped including a new homepage for each school. The board also passed a request for Lee County's own Luke Bryan to hold a concert at the high school stadium.

"There's no other place for him to, he needs to come home and it needs to be here, and it needs to be in Lee County, it needs to be at Lee County High's football stadium where he came to games and enjoyed his high school life, and this is just really exciting," said Kevin Dowling, Principal at Lee County High.

Lee County also acknowledged seven outstanding teachers; one from each of its schools.