Lee County Officials talk about heroin, meth and prescription drugs

Since the heroin bust from 2012 Lee County officials say heroin isn't showing any popularity, but meth cases are coming forward.

Lieutenant Colonel Chris Owens, with the Lee County Sheriff's Department, says they've only had two cases since 2012 for heroin.

Owens said, "we've only had two cases at the Sheriff's office here in Lee County we're we've had investigations, made arrests or anything as far as heroin cases go."

However, meth is making a comeback in the area, and prescription pills continue to be a problem, everywhere. He says there has been an increase in meth manufacturing in neighboring counties.

He adds the best resources for catching people doing drugs, is other people. Neighbors, or people who know anything about drug use, should call their local police department.

Lastly, Owens says the Lee County Sheriff's Department has a drop box where people can throw away old prescription pills.