Lee County neighborhood struggles with flooding

Hawkins thinks her front yard has just under two feet of water flooding it

Southwest Georgia received four inches of rain last night, but one neighborhood had a row of front yards with flooding up to two feet.

Ruby Hawkins says because of the drainage problems in the neighborhood every time it rains hard, her front yard floods. "Yesterday my front yard was dry and this morning I barely got the kids out the house. My husband comes out to drain the ditches, but it doesn't seem like it's doing any good" says Hawkins.

Hawkins asked the Lee County Commissioners for help years ago and they dug a ditch to help divert water away from her home. Now Hawkins wants the ditch dug deeper to prevent her property from experiencing flooding during hard rainfalls.

At the last Lee County Commissioners meeting they specified that at this time they're still trying to cut half a million dollars from the budget so unfortunately there is no room for digging ditches or paving roads.