Lee County Library offers free e-book downloads

More than 2,000 titles are offered through the Lee County Library's eBook service

Some of you may have an e-book reader or may be getting one for Christmas. If you don't want to spend money on buying the ebooks, there is a free option.

The Lee County Library offers a service to download e-books and audiobooks for free.

Here's what you do: Sign onto the library's website and click on "Overdrive." Using your library card number and password, you can access the more than 2,000 titles the Lee County Library offers.

"Since we started in 2010 it has really grown. Especially this year with the kindle fire coming out, or already out now, we know a lot of patrons who are getting those for Christmas so we're expecting to see another large increase of usage," says Andrew Tillman, Tech Specialist at the Lee County Library.

After two weeks, the e-book is removed from the device but does send a notice offering renewal.

Library compatible e-book devices include Amazon Kindles, Nooks, Sony devices and the Kobo eReader and Touch. E-books are also available to download on computers and laptops.

Tillman says the most popular downloads are the Eragon kids series by Christopher Paolini and James Patterson and John Grisham novels for the adults. He says coming in January they will be adding Judy Blume and the 39 Clue books to the collection.

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