Lee County Gang Task force busts a theft ring

The Lee County Gang Task Force busted up a gang-related theft ring, and in the process they discovered a new gang in the county, Big Money Getting Family (B.M.G.F.).

"There were several stolen items recovered. These items were from different thefts and burglaries of Lee County. I believe that part of the thefts was part of the initiation but we're still trying to figure out who the leader is," says Lee County Sheriff Reggie Rachals. He says among the items recovered were a laptop, gun and a pair of handcuffs possibly stolen from an Albany police officer in the Lee County area.

The Lee County Sheriff's Office arrested Quade Barrett and Dwayne Roberts in connection with this case after serving a search warrant at 159 B Endoline Road. Barrett is being charged with burglary and Roberts faces theft by receiving stolen property charges. Both could receive additional gang related charges, according to Rachals.

Barrett is believed to be top ranking in the B.M.G.F. gang according to investigators.

Rachals says he expects the Lee County Gang Task Force to make additional arrests soon.

The Lee County Gang Task Force was established a little more than one month ago.

"We know the surrounding areas are having problems with gangs and we have been seeing some problems steadily rising here in Lee County, so we took the steps to send them to school and get on top of this as best we can and try to control it," says Rachals.

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