Lee County gaining jobs and fire safety

Board of Commissioners focus on new jobs and better fire safety. / From file

Lee County Commissioners met this evening with good news, 22 new jobs are coming to town.

A property on Hugh Road is being rezoned for an agricultural manufacturing company that will be setting up shop in the coming months.

Led by business owner, Hugh Harrell, the facility will usher in over 20 new positions, and add a different kind of cash-flow for the county.

County Commission Chairman, Rick Muggridge, says making the business landscape of Lee County more diverse can only lead to bigger and better things.

"It's exciting to see industrial jobs, as opposed to service jobs where we're just kind of passing money around, which we love those too, but this is new money coming to town which is great," said Chairman Muggridge.

Also in tonight's meeting, the board addressed concerns from north county residents regarding fire safety in their area.

Those that spoke are concerned that with the nearest station nearly 20 minutes away, that their homes or loved ones may not be entirely safe.

"We want to build a big picture strategic plan, that we can move towards providing better care all over the county," said Chairman Muggridge.

The board will adjourn for the next several weeks, with their next meeting on May 14th at 6:00 PM.

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