Lee County employee's 45 year journey coming to an end

Pam Harris will be retiring from the Lee County School System after 45 years. / Courtney Highfield

Pam Harris, the woman responsible for the Lee County School System's bookkeeping and payroll, has officially submitted her resignation.

Harris has been working for the school system for 45 years, and everyone that works with her and knows her is sad to see her go.

When asked how she managed to stay at the same job for over four decades, Harris replied by saying it's easy to stay at a job that you love. She said of course there have been bad days, but overall she considers herself lucky to have had such a great job.

When Harris started at the school system 45 years ago, she said they were using manual typewriters and now they do everything on the computer. She said her favorite part about this job has been seeing all the changes made throughout the years.

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