Lee County ditching textbooks for technology?

Lee County Board of Education. / Jessica Fairley

Lee County educators are considering new ways to bring up test scores while engaging students.

Overall the students in the Lee County School System are excelling. In the end of the course tests students scored well into the 90th percentile in most courses.

"We're very proud of that of course we always have some areas that we always want to work on," says Gail Melvin, Director of Curriculum for the Lee County School System.

One area for improvement is the school system's average U.S. history scores.

"Our U.S. history end of course test in high school was not want we want it to be. We feel like we should be ahead of the state average," says Gail Melvin.

To bring up the 70 percent history score, administrators are providing teachers with new strategies to help students.

Educators are also considering the use of technology to boost performance and maybe save costs.

"Textbooks cost well over $100. It really does and that's just one textbook and if you get that as an app on an IPad or Kindle Fire or whatever, the cost can be a lot cheaper," says Kevin Dowling, Lee County High School Principal.

This is just a consideration. Officials say they'll have to research the subject to see if it could really work for the Lee County School System.

"Is there a cost savings and also does this help our students become more engaged learners," says Kevin Dowling.

The Lee County High School principal says a small group of students have tried IPads in their class and so far he's seen positive results.

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