Lee County Community Foundation helping are non-profits

A committee was formed in Lee County to help manage donations and gifts that are meant for area non-profits.

At its first meeting Thursday afternoon, board members of the Lee County Community Foundation appointed officers and reviewed donations the Lee County Animal Shelter has received.

"They just wanted to get together to find out now that we've got the 501c3 some of the donations we've got in, what we've done with the money that we've gotten, how much we've incurred and what can we do to try to get more people involved and donating more now that we're 503c3," says Michael Sistrunk, Board Member and Lee County Public Works Director.

The public works director says the shelter has received nearly $300,000 in monetary donations thus far and hundreds of pounds worth of dog and cat food.

Shelter officials say it costs up to $25 for cat and dog medications that must be administered when animals come in so they're ready to adopt.

The Lee County Community Foundation meets quarterly; their next meeting will be in three months.

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