Lee County Commissioners select interim administrator

Lee County commissioners vote on the new interim county administrator. / Jessica Fairley

Lee County Commissioners went into executive session Monday afternoon to debate the finalists for the newly opened Interim County Administrator job.

Five candidates were interviewed over the past two weeks but one stood out more than the others. Commissioners made a motion to draw up paperwork to hire Jack Krakeel.

"He seemed to be the kind of person that really looked at the way things were delivered within government and then try to do the very best he could for the taxpayers," said Rick Muggridge, Lee County Commission Chair.

Krakeel retired last year as a county administrator in Fayetteville.

As he takes the interim position in Lee County, officials say he'll be paid approximately $50,000 for six months.

Commissioners are hoping to collaborate with the recent retiree to come up with a better plan of how to administer fire and emergency services throughout the county.

"That is his field of expertise and so we want to lean heavily upon that and hopefully learn a lot about how we can stretch our taxpayer dollars the farthest," said Rick Muggridge.

Jack Krakeel is expected to take over the new position on March 18th, three days after Tony Massey, the current county administrator, vacates the seat.