Lee County Commissioners discuss proposed new districts

Lee Co. Commissioner Betty Johnson says the changes may affect voting precincts for some residents

The evening after the Lee County Board of Education's public hearing, the Lee County Board of Commissioners held their public hearing about redistricting.

Two County Commissioners â" Betty Johnson (District 2, Leesburg) and Dennis Roland (District 1, Smithville/Chokee) â" along with two Lee County Board of Education Members helped create the proposed new districts.

Johnson says to get as close to an equal population in each district as possible, the lines were drawn closer to southern Lee County.

Redistricting will not affect how much money each district receives, but rather who represents which districts.

"There'll be some voters who have to change precincts but that's just something that with growth, it's just something we have to live with," says Johnson.

A lack of public led to a quick adjournment at the meeting, but those in the public who still want to view the proposed new district map can see them in a variety of public buildings in Lee County. See the list of locations on the county's website.

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