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      Lee County commissioners continue second day of budget negotiations

      Lee County Commissioners resumed 2013-2014 budget negotiations with department heads Thursday afternoon.Catherine Ponson, with the Lee County Utility Services, was the first official lined up to speak with commissioners.Ponson reported that the county is almost 100 percent caught up on delinquent garbage tax collections.

      I think we have solved that problem but I think that everyday our director continues to improve collections, looking at better ways of communicating. We're constantly looking at what we do and how we do it and seeing if we can do it better, said Rick Muggridge, Lee County Commission Chair.

      Lee County TMs collection rates are now at about 97 percent.

      Jeremy Morey from the Parks and Recreation services followed up Catherine Ponson with his budget requirements.Morey believes his department will be able to operate with the same amount of funds but he feels if things continue in the direction they are going, Parks and Recreation won't be able to provide quality service.

      Parks and Recreation officials are asking officials to keep in mind that there are upgrades needed for several outdoor facilities.

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