Lee County commissioner approves 2013 health plans

Lee County Personnel Committee. / Jessica Fairley

The Lee County Personnel Committee held a special called meeting Tuesday evening to review county employee health plans.

A vote was passed to renew health insurance administrative services with Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Although HCC Insurance will take over the reinsurance portion of health plans, it will have a minimal effect on the amount employees pay for health coverage.

A representative for HCC stated that the county could save $35,000 dollars by changing their reinsurance carrier.

Personnel committee members agreed to present the change to the Lee County Board of Commissioners.

"While we've had some increases. The overall effect is that we're going to be basically paying very close to the same this year as we were last," said Commissioner Rick Muggridge, "That's good news and it'll be good news for our employees."

The Lee County Board of Commissioners approved the change unanimously during Tuesday's general meeting.