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      Lee County combats illegal dumping

      Lee County Code Enforcement Officer Ben Roberts says they receive complaints year-round about trash accumulating across the county.He says another common violation of county ordinance his office sees is junk cars. He says in Lee County, residents are limited to having one junk car, it must have a current county tag, and it must be in the rear of the property out of sight.It is a requirement to have trash service with the county, but the county does not pick up yard debris and any items that will not fit in the trash can. The Board of Commissioners is trying to combat excessive debris by offering residential citizens of Lee County free trash dumping at the county landfill the last Saturday of each month."In Lee County, we want to keep a clean, safe community and we ask that all citizens of Lee County help keep it clean and take pride in your property," Roberts said.This does not apply to businesses and contractors.Other days it will cost residents $.03 per pound to dump trash at the landfill.Metals such as appliances as well as leaves, limbs, and straw are acceptable items to be dumped for free.

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