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      Lee County BOE stays updated on new middle school progress

      It was a night full of updates for the Lee County Board of Education, who met on Monday evening to get an idea of where different projects within the schools stand.

      Board members were given a presentation on how the process for splitting the middle school is going, including the availability of after-school programs.

      Officials say it TMs crucial to stay in the loop to ensuring the schools remain equal.

      "They're elected by the community and they need to know what's going on in their schools, they get asked questions by constituents and by people in the community and dividing our middle school is a big thing," said Lee County superintendent Dr. Larry Walters.

      Continuing with the theme of staying connected, wellness committee members from each school then talked about how each facility is working towards their goal, which they say is becoming healthier as a whole. Different schools are participating in contests that name winners for who logged the most miles walked and more.