Lee County Board of Education makes some changes for next year

The Lee County Board of Education listens to a speaker at the May 14th business meeting

/ Colby Gallagher

The Lee County Board of Education held a business meeting this evening to approve the upcoming school year calendar, salary guide, and more.

Next year's calendar will only have 177 school days for students, the fourth year in a row that it is under the normal 180 days

It also means six less days for teachers, without pay.

The board also approved a motion to change the grading periods in third through twelfth grade to nine weeks instead of six. However, Dr. Walters expressed the need for midterm reports for all students so that parents can keep track of their kid's progress.

Finally the board modified the Lee County High School lunchroom construction project to include the band and athletic fields.

The two fields on the visitor side have had drainage problems that leave the fields useless for days after the rain. To fix this problem, a plan to add new drainage systems and create one field out of the best parts was made.

By making one field out of two, the board says this opens the possibility of a track complete with fields for the throwing and field events.