Lee County Board of Education approves Jumbotron

The Lee County Board of Education approved the placement of a Jumbotron at the Lee County High School stadium during their business agenda meeting on Friday. / Doug Reardon

The Lee County Board of Education held a tentative agenda business meeting on Friday to discuss a handful of matters within the Lee County school systems with topics addressed including a possible switch from Region 5A to 6A and the addition of a Jumbotron at LCHS stadium.

David Hatter of Arista Consulting Group also gave a presentation regarding the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and Health Care Support.

The Board seemed wary of the switch from 5A to 6A, noting that their size would disadvantage them against the much larger 6A schools. Likewise, the travel times to games would increase significantly, spanning to distances greater than four hours away. Members of the Board said they were "displeasured" with the prospect of the switch.

The Board was, however, pleased to give permission to install a Jumbotron at Lee County High School Stadium.

"It was a nice enhancement," said Lee County Superintendent Lawrence Walters. "It's even better than what we had thought because it has a playback feature and, of course, in stadiums when there's a big play the first thing people do is look up to the Jumbotron to see the play again."

The Board of Education will assist the LCHA Athletic Department in purchasing the Jumbotron.

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