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      Lee County Administrator resigns

      Lee County Administrator Tony Massey has submitted his letter of resignation.Massey has accepted a position as county administrator of his hometown in Columbia, Tennessee.The financial leader says he was offered the position Thursday night and put in his 30 day notice Friday morning.Lee County Board of Commissioners met in the Government Building on Starkville Road at 4:00 PM Thursday afternoon to discuss the next phase after Massey leaves in a month.

      County Commission Chair Rick Muggridge says they've already posted the job and so far there are three candidates lined up for interviews next week.

      It is our intention to review every resume we get but it's our intention also to move quickly and hire an interim county administrator in approximately 15 days, said Rick Muggridge.

      Muggridge added that after an interim administrator is selected, they will begin the search to fill the position permanently.

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