Lee Co. School Board meets with concerned teachers about budget

More than 30 teachers attended the meeting

Teachers in attendance say they are concerned for their students' achievement, their wallet, and for a few people â" retirement.

School board members answered questions concerning different options the school board is considering to help fix the budget.

Dr. Larry Walters says teachers have already faced three unpaid days in the first semester and there is a strong likelihood teachers will have to take another three unpaid days during the second semester. "This will affect their salary and retirement benefits. These are not good times, and we do have some options, but unfortunately most of our options aren't good" says Walters.

Some of the options discussed at the meeting include switching to a four day school week, having bigger classes, or a longer school day with a shorter school year.

The Lee County School Board says they are considering all of the options carefully, and their number one priority is maintaining the high level of student achievement.