Lee Co. hits customers with late fees

Lee County Utility Authority. / Jessica Fairley

Lee County water and sewer customers who wait until the last minute to pay their bills will soon have a surprise on their account.

The Lee County Utilities Authority has just approved a measure to charge a late fee.

The $2.70 fee will be imposed on those whose water and sewer accounts are past due.

Since the county already imposes a $2.30 fee for late garbage payments, those who have a late water, sewer and garbage account will end up paying $5.00.

Officials are implementing the new fee because a great majority of their clients wait until the last minute to pay their bills late.

"That kind of puts the Utility Authority in a bind because we have to pay our bills to make sure that the Utility Authority can continue to function and operate and pay the debt," said Chris Boswell.

Officials say the new fees will not affect those who pay their bills on time.

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