Lee Co. gas station goes up in flames

Truck sparks fire at Lee County gas station. / Jessica Fairley

A Shell gas station in Lee County went up in flames after a utility truck caught fire Wednesday evening.

The driver of the truck had gone inside to pay for gas and as soon as he exited the store he noticed the vehicle smoking.

A bystander captured the site on his phone.

"It started pouring out black smoke and we're sitting here watching the diesel fluid come out," says Alex Underwood.

The manager of the store saw the smoke from inside and ran outside to see what was going on.

"The flames they started coming out the truck and the smoke was getting darker and darker and all of a sudden the fire started," says Mahesh Dhody, Manager for the Shell gas station.

He says he immediately jumped into action, telling everyone to clear the premises.

"I ran inside for the phone. I got an extinguisher in one hand and the phone in the other and I ran and tried to help them out," says Mahesh Dhody.

Witnesses say it was about five to eight minutes before the Lee County Fire Department made it to the scene.

Once there, they put out the blaze and discovered the source of the flames.

"There was a small leak of power steering fluid inside the truck when the fire occurred. The power steering fluid leaked onto the exhaust of the engine and ignited and the fire started from there," says Lee County Firefighter Billy Davis.

The flames damaged two gas pumps and the canopy of the gas station.

No one was injured and estimation of the damages has not been released.