Lee Co. budget balanced as unsafe soggy roads linger

Soggy roads in Lee County concern residents. / Jessica Fairley

Lee County commissioners say during these tough economic times they're able to avoid many situations that other counties have to face.

In Tuesday's meeting, they approved the budget for the 2012-2013 fiscal year.

"This will be the seventh year that we we're able to balance the budget without a property tax increase and no employee furloughs and no layoffs," says Bill Williams, Lee County Commissioner.

The board has balanced the budget at $22 million dollars for the next fiscal year and added into that amount is something Lee County residents say is well overdue. They say unstable roads are a public safety issue and board members agree.

"Lane Acres is very difficult to navigate when it rains. You can't get a school bus down there EMS or fire," says Ed Duffy, Lee County Commission Chairman.

Week after week residents have approached the board with problems of dirt roads. Rosie Batten is one of many who says road pavings must be done, but now that the board has put together a priority list of streets to complete, she says they need to take another look.

"If you travel down these roads you'll see which ones that needs it the most. People just want to be treated fair," says Rosie Batten, a concerned Lee County resident.

Officials say all nine roads on the list to be completed this year will be completed; however it's a waiting process.

"We've been awarded $356,000 dollars to pave Livingston but you know how government works it takes time to get all of the t's crossed and the i's dotted," says Ed Duffy.

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