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      Lee Co. approves funds for redesigns on congested intersections

      Lee County is expanding so the Board of Commissioners approved funds to expand roads.

      Ledo, Cedric Street and Forrester Parkway: Those three intersections are signalized but they TMre getting more and more congested all the time, says Director of Planning and Engineering Bob Alexander.

      The million dollar Georgia Transportation Enhancement Grant and $200,000 from Lee Co. SPLOST will help fund these improvements. The intersection of Ledo Road and U.S. 19 received the most attention at the commissioner TMs meeting.

      The congestion has got to the point that it TMs almost impassable, says Lee County Chairman Ed Duffy.

      Alexander presented maps and plans for possible improvement designs.

      Ledo Road is getting more traffic all the time. That intersection needs to be redesigned as well as the other two intersections, says Alexander.

      The Board of Commissioners agree that they are in favor of the redesigns, but a point where some commissioners were stuck: landscaping.

      The biggest problem we have with landscaping: We have to maintain it and people being| citizens being what they are, they throw trash off the side of the road and they don TMt keep it in pristine condition, says Duffy.I like shrubbery. I like trees and I think it makes Leesburg a more beautiful city.

      Road improvements including sign and street lights go hand-in-hand with landscaping according to Alexander.

      It all kind of goes together to make the entrance into Lee County a better looking, more viable roadway, he says.