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      Lee Co. Animal Shelter reaches out for help

      Volunteers can TMt give enough praise to the new Lee County Animal Shelter.

      Dr. (Phillip) Hajek and his group just came through and made a miracle happen. So they got that part taken care of and we just wanted to try to help get the ball rolling on a few other things, says volunteer Michelle Bates.

      They say the shelter is a blessing.

      We are so proud of Lee County to have this wonderful shelter and we TMre so proud of Dr. Hajek and the Fifth Friday Foundation for making this possible. That TMs where the community comes in, says Marty Harris.

      Volunteers say community participation is the next block to building up the animal shelter. That TMs why they addressed Lee County Commissioners at their meeting on Tuesday.

      We TMre trying to bring community awareness. There are opportunities folk are not aware of in Lee County, and we just want to let them know about it, says Bates.

      Volunteers from the Lee County Animal Shelter say Dougherty County has a Board of Directors that goes to the shelters to volunteers. Lee County doesn TMt have anything like this which is why they TMre reaching out to County Commissioners.

      We came out here to offer our assistance, to help raise awareness, to help Lee County realize what a jewel we have in this new shelter and if we don TMt support it, it TMs not going to work, says Harris.

      Lee County Commissioners voiced their support.

      I TMve known Ms. Harris for years, and I TMve never seen anyone as committed to helping animals of all types. I mean, she TMs real compassionate, says Lee County Chairman Ed Duffy.

      With the help of commissioners, volunteers hope the shelter TMs cold noses will warm some hearts.

      We need to all get together as a community to make this work, adopt these animals, donate money | They need volunteers to come and help with the animals, we need community awareness, says Harris.

      To learn how to adopt an animal, volunteer at the shelter or donate money, visit the shelter's website.

      Lee County Commissioners are dedicating the Fifth Friday Foundation Animal Shelter on Friday, Oct. 29 at 11 a.m.