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      Learning Performance Center students take a bus to FAMU

      The South Georgia Regional Achievement Center TMs senior class took a trip to Tallahassee TMs to see what higher education looks like in that area.

      More than forty students from the Dougherty County TMs Learning Performance Center arrived bright and early Saturday morning, ready to tour the campus of Florida Agriculture and Mechanical University.

      Dr. John Davis, PLC principal, says that this trip is designed to give the students a visual look at the finish line that they should strive to achieve after graduating high school.

      The students who spent time planning this trip have all made the choice to attend FAMU after graduation. At the conclusion of this experience, these students were left with a new, enriching and educational experience.

      Dr. Davis says "we're going to return to class Monday writing, discussing and redelivering what we saw, what we heard, what we felt in Tallahassee at FAMU."