Leaks cause WG&L Treatment Plant to shut down

The Water, Gas & Light Treatment Plant in Albany is shut down after leaks were found in two of it's major water tanks.

Gary Morefield says, "right now it's leaking a little over one hundred thousand gallons a day."

"If that leak continues it could undermine the foundation. If we lose the foundation the structure up underneath the tank, it could collapse. The whole tank would have to come down if part of it were to come out," says Morefield.

Keith Goodin, General Manager says, "and that could be a financial catastrophe. It could cost a million plus dollars to repair."

But WG&L says that didn't happen thanks to an inspection that caught the leaks.

"Odds are, there's pressure from that water to go out of the tank which would keep anything from coming in it. Odds are the water would be contaminated had we not discovered the leak," says Goodin.

WG&L is investigating what caused each leak and the costs of repairs.

Goodin says, we've had some delay in finding a contractor. It might be anywhere from one month to, I'd hate to say it maybe even five. It could anywhere from $10,000 to the sky. It may go as high as $40, 50, 60,000.

Officials says the water used daily in local homes is perfectly fine and the issue won't affect your bill.

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