Lawyer on base is Marine Corps' 'Litigator of the Year'

Tracey Madsen has been named Litigator of the Year. / Romney Smith

Tracey Madsen is the legal advisor for the Commanding General and for the Installation Commander.

As Associate Counsel her job is to solve legal problems on base and she primarily works in labor and employment law. "I handle all the issues for the command that deal with civilian employees. That can be anything; it can be complaints employees have against the command or maybe the command has issues with civilian employees" says Madsen. There is a lot of research involved in the job to make sure everyone is following the rules and the rules are made clear to everyone.

Out of hundreds of full time lawyers employed by the Marine Corps, Madsen recently won the "Litigator of the Year" award. "I couldn't believe it. There are so many wonderful lawyers in the Corps. I've always loved litigation and I've done it my entire career. It's one of those things where it's the way you solve a problem, but it's the last resort to solve a problem. I but I do enjoy that part a lot" says Madsen.

In addition to giving ethical advice Madsen says she loves her job and doesn't ever want to leave Albany because her position is so rewarding. "The most rewarding part is where we reach that resolution where everybody walks away and you feel like everybody got something good out of this. That makes the job pretty good" says Madsen.

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