Laws affecting drivers in the new year

Driver using an ignition interlock device. / Jessica Fairley

The new year is here and in with it comes new state laws affecting drivers.

Those caught driving under the influence may slip by with a fine the first time but if caught more than once, they'll have to install an ignition interlock device in their vehicle for six months.

In order to get their license back, the offender will have to blow into the breathalyzer every time they key up to start their vehicle.

Drunk drivers aren't the only ones facing changes. 14-year-olds who serve as drivers for a parent who is medically incapable handling a vehicle can now drive with any adult over the age of 21.

New laws also affect how commercial drivers use their cell phones.

If caught texting and driving in the state of Georgia, truck drivers stand to have their license suspended.

The new year also initiated an end to exceptions for those caught with children six or seven-years-old outside of a car seat.

In 2011, the child restraint law raised the age for when kids could leave the car seat from six to eight. However to avoid a fine, parents could purchase the proper child restraint before appearing in court.

Fines will no longer be waived for anyone caught breaking the child restraint law.

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