Law professor running for State Court Judge

Chris Warren, a former marine, chose to announce his State Court Judge candidacy at the Vietnam Memorial by the Civic Center / Sarah Bleau

Albany State University law professor and former marine Chris Warren is throwing his hat into the race for State Court Judge in Dougherty County.

"I am Chris Warren and I am going to be the next State Court Judge for Dougherty County," he said during his candidacy announcement.

Warren says his focus in office will be about lowering the youth crime rate.

"The young people of Dougherty County are falling at an alarming rate," he says, citing Albany youth continuing use of meth, alcohol, drugs and violation of the saggy pants ordinance. "We are in a state of emergency. We are at war; a war to save the young people of Dougherty County.

The primary for the election will be on July 31. Warren is running against Magistrate Judge Victoria Darrisaw for State Judge. Judge John Salter who currently holds the seat plans to retire soon.

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