Law enforcement trains with new tasers

Officers spent all day learning about the X-26 taser

The Dougherty County Sheriff's Office, Dougherty County Police, and the Drug Unit spent all day learning about the new X-26 taser.

Officers spent hours learning about the taser, how to shoot it, and when it's appropriate to use instead of a gun.

Dougherty County Sheriff Kevin Sproul says the last thing any officer wants to do is take the life of another human being. " This is another tool on the tool belt to use to refrain from having to use lethal force that could potentially take somebody's life" says Sproul.

Officers going through the training is limited to the personnel who will carry the new tasers or have the potential to be rotated into a position to carry a taser.

The X-26 taser emits 50,000 volts of electricity and .003 amps when used.

Law enforcement officials say the money for the tasers came from confiscated drug money.

No officer or arrestee has been seriously injured with a taser gun in Dougherty County.