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      Law enforcement concerned about GA gun bill

      House Bill 60 is waiting for Governor Nathan Deal's signature and it has some local law enforcement officials concerned.Line 788 of the bill reads "A person carrying a weapon shall not be subject to detention for the sole purpose of investigating whether such person has a weapons carry permit."Lee County Sheriff Reggie Rachals says he and some of his staff are against that provision of the bill. He said this causes some problems when trying to catch criminals and asking gun carriers if they have a permit."When it's necessary to walk up to somebody and ask them, it's going to be a problem," Sheriff Rachals said. "Why even have a carrying permit if you can't ask them?"Sheriff Rachals believes this bill would limit law enforcement from doing their job."I believe in the second amendment 100 percent," Sheriff Rachals said. "But the law now helps us investigate."Sheriff Rachals says he is also against allow guns into some government buildings and into bars which are both included in the bill.The governor is expected to sign or veto the bill before the end of April.