Late-night watchers coasting for crime

Officers patrol downtown Albany. / Jessica Fairley

Just in time for Memorial Day weekend and summer break, the Albany Police Department is beefing up patrol in downtown Albany.

Officers will be using T3 motion riders, bikes, and four wheelers to patrol and monitor the area for crime.

"With the kids coming out of school, we want to make sure that they're safe in downtown. With them coming to the park and the Ray Charles Plaza, we want to make sure that every place downtown is very safe," says Kalandria Peterson, APD Officer.

As the city boost efforts to revitalize the area and get more people interested in what they have to offer, officials say safety must come first. From sun up to well past sun down, officers are keeping a watchful eye.

"Downtown patrol is a permanent thing. We're out here normally until about midnight patrolling the area," says Kalandria Peterson.

Parents say they feel secure knowing that the cops aren't far away and business owners agree.

"With the aquarium and Turtle Park, the kids are going to be out there playing in the sprinklers and stuff. People are going to be out wanting to eat. At least they'll know that they will be safe," says Elisa Darrah, Manager of The Pizza Shop.

Business owners say during the warmer months, industry tends to pick up in the area and when there's a surge in patrons, there's also opportunists looking for prey.

"You can never have too much security and so we appreciate the visibility of city finest," says Errol Hart, Manager for the Expressions Embroidery Shop on Broad Street.