Landfill lights the Marine base

Dougherty County Landfill provides gas for energy on the Albany Marine Corps Logistics Base. / Jessica Fairley

In Monday's Dougherty County Board of Commissioners meeting, officials discussed the Albany Marine Corps Logistics Base utilization of the Dougherty County Landfill.

Approximately 20 percent of the energy used on the base comes from gas at the landfill.

Commissioners say with a second generator in the works, that energy source will increase to over 30 percent used on the base.

This not only allows the county to profit off of the landfill but it also helps the Albany MCLB to meet federal guidelines.

"The big picture is giving the Marine base another component or another arrow in their quill to keep them competitive," said Jeff Sinyard, Dougherty County Commission Chairman. "Some bases don't have the ability to utilize some of the mandates because of where their land is."

Sinyard says the second generator should be in place within the next few years.