Lakeland homes gone with the wind

Lakeland, Georgia homes swept away. / Jessica Fairley

Families in Lakeland, Georgia are working to restore their lives to back to normal after a tornado lifts their homes off the platform and scatters the remains across the city.

Shaquanna Johnson's home, located at 27 Pine Extension, was lifted off the bricks and pushed back 10 feet. The woman says it's a blessing that she wasn't home when the tornado hit, but unfortunately her neighbors were inside their residence.

Jason Sapp says he saw the storm coming. The sky began to twirl and by the time he got into the house and alerted his wife, it storm was there.

"Once I pushed my daughter off to the floor and got on top of her so nothing would hit her, I looked back and everything. It sucked the house right off the top of us," said Jason Sapp.

The storm took everything but the foundation and family.

The walls were scattered throughout trees surrounding the home and other parts of the dwelling was taken with the wind, never to be seen again.

While the Sapps tried to figure out what happened, Johnson had made it home just minutes after the storm had gone.

"It was totally destroyed, I don't even know what to say," says Shaquanna Johnson.

The roof of Johnson's home was ripped away, leaving most of the rooms exposed to the open air. Mud, debris, clothes and children toys were all scattered within the residence and on the outside.

Although Johnson's home suffered some damages, the woman says she's more concerned for her neighbors than herself.

"I'm like crushed because from my understanding I just thought the husband was home and come to find out the whole family was there," says Johnson.

Besides a few scratches, no one inside the Sapp's home was hurt during the storm.

"We know we're going to be taken care of. You can rebuild stuff but we can't replace people," said Jason Sapp.