L2 raises concerns with WG&L

L2 Networks looks to raise awareness about issues with Water, Gas and Light. / From file

Officials with "L2 Networks" here in Albany came before the commission this morning to address an issue they've been having with the Water, Gas and Light Commission.

The company states that Water, Gas and Light has been restricting them from using various infrastructures throughout the city, and warned that if the issue continues, the company may have to move out of Albany for good.

"We're going to be forced to move that equipment to another market, basically move it out of Albany. But the immediate concern is obviously being able to maintain that equipment, to make sure that emergency services are fully functional as required by federal law," said CEO of "L2 Networks," Craig Beahn.

Beahn also stated that they aren't looking to bring legal action against Water, Gas and Light, but are hoping to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.