Knife wielding suspect uses disguise to escape

Leroy Smith arrested in connection to a K-Mart robbery.

An educational firm, hired by the Dougherty County School System, is suing school officials for unpaid funds.

According to court documents, Global Partnership Schools Inc. is asking for $101,999.97 in unpaid funds.

Back in 2011, the school system hired the firm to help boost academic achievement at Albany High School and assist in creating strategies for the Race to the Top Program.

A court report shows that the school system had agreed to pay $136,000 in equal monthly payments of $11,333, but the company claims that school officials stopped payment in January 2012.

Global Partnership Services officials state in their lawsuit that they continued their services to the Dougherty County School System in spite of not receiving payments.

The company is suing for breach of contract and attorney fees.

Fox 31 reached out to Dougherty County school officials for comment and they stated that because of ongoing litigation, they can't comment at this time.