Knife allegedly pulled on student, parents not informed

Billy and Tanya Scott. / Jessica Fairley

A Tift County High School student has been arrested for allegedly threatening another student with a knife.

Now the parents of the child who was threatened want to know why they weren't informed about the incident.

Billy Scott says Tuesday was an ordinary day. The kids were in school while he went to work but for his daughter the day was anything but ordinary.

Earlier that day the Mr. Scott's daughter reported that another student pulled a knife out and threatened to stab her in the stomach. After a school investigation, the knife was found and the student suspect was arrested.

"After that my child had to go back to the classroom. She was sitting in their traumatized," says Mr. Scott.

The Scotts say the issue is that they were never informed about the incident.

"I would have come and picked her up and tried to find out how she was doing. How she was feeling and if she was feeling like she was in shock," says Billy Scott.

The student's mother says when they are away from their children; they want to know about life threatening incidents.

"We are parents that are concerned about our kids. We make sure that we stay on top of things," says Tanya Scott.

After hearing about the threat, both parents say they reached out to the school's assistant principal.

"I said on days when our kids are up talking in class you want to call us. Here my child's life has been threatened and you wouldn't tell us. He sat there and made a smirk about it. I said hold up this matter is serious," says Billy Scott.

Mr. Scott says this isn't only about his family but other parents who would want to know if something like this happened to their child.

FOX 31 contacted the principal of Tift County High School and he stated that although the school doesn't have a formal policy for calling parents, they try to alert them as soon as possible.

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